Life as seen by Jason A. Rice. China based photographer.

Construction Destruction Site (Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse)

Working the site working my eardrums.

Working the site working my eardrums.

Thought I would share what I have been experiencing over the past week.  Thirteen stories down and eight hundred meters toward the river is a fairly large apartment construction site.  It’s a normal construction the majority of the time, but last week they brought in the noise with cement hammers to break up a temporary on site road.  For a week, from 7 AM until 6 PM, the ratt-a-tatt-tatt of those machines reigned over the neighborhood.  On Friday I stuck my camera out the window for about a half hour, capturing 600 images, to bring you this short 20 second time-lapse clip.  I hope you enjoy it more than I have.

NOTE: the audio is a reenactment.

YouTube above

Youku below (quality not as good as YouTube, but available in China)

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  1. Mark White

    Very cool. I could watch it over and over.

    May 15, 2012 @ 9:46 am

  2. Clay W

    Awesome. The way you’ve zoomed in here, they look like toys. Our town just built a fancy courthouse after tearing down the old one, right next door to our office. The new one was bigger, and therefore needed a deeper foundation/basement. We sit on solid rock. This is what we heard every day for weeks…

    May 17, 2012 @ 3:19 am

  3. jason

    Glad you guys like. It is a cool technique that works well on things like construction sites.
    Once you live with that noise in your life for a period of time I don’t think you will ever forget it.

    May 18, 2012 @ 10:41 am

  4. David Greenburg

    Very cool graphics. Like a real life in-motion diorama. Here’s a great local story from the PNW with amazing time lapse destruction videos of two damns that previously blocked the remote Elwha river. Hope you like them.

    Jun 02, 2012 @ 3:05 am

  5. David Greenburg

    Jun 02, 2012 @ 3:05 am